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April 22, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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Plumbing Tips Spring 2017


Check Your Hose Bibs!

After our unusually cold winter it is important to check all outside plumbings for leaks. Make sure your hose bib supply line is turned on and then open and close them several times. It is important to check the hose bib from both sides of the wall that it is installed in for leaks.

Flush Your Hot Water Tank

Draining your hot water tank and flushing out the sediment is a great way to protect your tank from corrosion. It also maintains its efficiency and extends the life of the tank.

Monitor Your Drainage

Run the fixtures in your home that have drains. If you notice that the water accumulates faster than it can drain then its time for a drain cleaning service. Keep your drains as clean as possible to prevent unwanted back ups that can lead to flooding.


If you need any help with these quick plumbing tips give us a call!



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