Commercial Services

Langley Commercial Plumbing Services

It takes specialized equipment and training in order to perform proper commercial plumbing. It also pays in spades to keep track, and stay ahead of, any potential problems in your systems. A business premise is subject to different, and more stringent, laws and regulations than a housing premise. Murrayville Plumbing is equipped to handle the biggest and more complex jobs within the commercial plumbing sector. We have been providing top-level service to Vancouver commercial systems for over a decade, and we are intimately familiar with the city’s codes and regulations.

Hire Expert Commercial Plumbers

The number of tasks we can perform during a commercial job are almost innumerable, but some of the most common tasks here:

  • Backflow prevention device testing, installation, & repairs
  • Water service installation and water service upgrades
  • Drain inspections and maintenance
  • Fixture upgrades and installation
  • Regularly scheduled plumbing inspections
  • Servicing ablution facilities
  • Bathroom/washroom installation and maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of boilers
  • Servicing hot water heaters such as those used in restaurant facilities
  • And much more…

We work closely with many food service outlets. Vancouver zoning laws require that any premise zoned for a food outlet must have regular inspections of its plumbing. There are many regulations that must be adhered to for the businesses to continue to operate. For instance, any drain system discharging greasy or oily waste water must contain a grease trap. Tall buildings must have individual kitchens for each business, installed by a licensed plumbing service provider. Bathrooms must be maintained and inspected to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Providing Practical Commercial Plumbing Solutions

We know all of the code requirements and can work with you to schedule yearly inspections and maintenance, and help you to keep your property code-compliant. We can also handle the installation of water supply distribution points in commercial buildings. Call us for code-compliance inspections, scheduled preventive maintenance, repairs, or emergency situations. We enjoy forming new business relationships and show the commercial sector what we can offer them in terms of professionalism, competence, and knowledge.